Friday, 22 June 2012

Unleash the potential of Private Label Rights

The best thing that you can do with Private Label Rights (PLR) content, is use it as a starting point and create something new and full of value from it. The worst thing you could do with PLR content, is use it as is, or only make minimal changes to it.

If you only see Private Label Rights content as a way to get content quickly and cheaply, then you're ignoring all the potential of the content and missing out on a lot of benefit that PLR content could bring you.

You're allowed to edit, change, add to and mix-and-match PLR content... in other words, you have the ability to use that content to create something new and full of value. So why don't you? The best part about PLR content is that it gives you the ability to create an amazing and unique product, without having to start from scratch.

Think of the PLR content like a piece of clay... 
Option 1
You can resell the clay as is 

In other words, you resell the PLR product on to others... assuming the license allows you to of course. But, if you do this, expect to make very little money. It's easy to sell digital products and since it's not unique, the only way that you can stand out from the competition is price... but I'm sure someone is already selling it as low as possible. 

So, not only will you be competing with a lot of other people selling the exact same product as you, the price for the product is already low. 

It's only profitable to sell something for a low price, if you sell a lot of units. But, since there'll be a lot of competition, it will be extremely difficult to sell to a lot of people. 

Option 2
You could roll the clay into a ball, put it into a fancy packet and give the packaged ball of clay a name... and sell it 

Unlike option 1, here you do make some changes to the product, like maybe change some words with synonyms, change the article or chapter titles, switch some paragraphs around, brand it with your name and affiliate links... 

By only making minimal changes, you may save some time, but the product is practically the same product you started with. You have not added any serious value or personality and you haven't created something unique. 

(i.e. do minimal changes... because you want to do as little work as possible. If you do this, be satisfied with creating an average product (possibly even below average) that doesn't stand out. 

Since you have not added any value and you have not made something unique, you are left with an average product (...possibly even a below average product, depending on the quality of the PLR product you bought). Remember, you were not the only one to buy that PLR product. 

Creating an average product may save you time in the beginning, but you lose out of future profits. 

Even if you do manage to make some sales, it's probably not nearly as much as if you created something of high value that stands out. 

Let's say you do make some sales, will those who bought your product, be happy with the value of the product? Will they think that it was money well spent? Will they buy from you again? 

You may even struggle to make a few sales because it's a lot harder to promote an average product that doesn't really stand out.

Option 3 (the option I recommend you take)
You can take that piece of clay and turn it into a piece of art 

Put in the time and effort to create something new. Add value, add your own spin, your insight, your personality. 

If you want to know whether you're adding value, simply look at the end product you created and look at what you started with. Is what you ended up with better than what you started with? If yes, you've added value. 

Then, keep on adding value until you're left with a product that you'd be happy to sell and one that the customers you're targeting, would be happy to buy. Look at the end product as a whole. Look at it from the reader/customer's perspective. 

If you're selling the product, then ask yourself whether your customer would be satisfied with the product.

If you're giving the content/product away for free, then ask yourself whether the reader would be prepared to spend their time reading what you've created. With so much information out there, readers have a lot less time on their hands. Will they be prepared to spend their time on what you created?

Create something worthy of attention and something worth buying.

Don't just give information, give an experience

It's easy to get information on the internet for free. Which means your content and your information products need to go beyond just giving information... they need to give an experience. The type of experience depends entirely on you. 

Think of it this way, after the reader reads your blog post or ebook, watches your video, listens to your podcast or audio book or whatever, what will they think about it?

what experience will you give the reader? Will it...

  • be easy to understand
  • be humorous
  • be entertaining 
  • connect with the reader
  • be relaxing/easy-going 
  • be fun
  • be insightful
  • be highly informative
  • etc.

You are cable of giving the reader a unique experience
You are a unique individual... just accept it. No one has the same combination of knowledge, understanding, insight, experience, perspective, interests, passions, characteristics, personality... as you. Add some of your uniqueness into what you create.

Wrapping Up
I know I've already made my point, but I'd like to make it again: To get the most out of PLR content, use it as a starting point to work from and create something new and full of value.

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