Friday, 15 June 2012

The Wrong Way to Use Private Label Rights

Private Label Rights (PLR) content is seen as a easy way to get content and to get it cheaply. I totally agree, you can get content cheaply simply by buying PLR content, but you also have to realize the reason why it's so cheap and act accordingly.

Saving money with PLR products
Let's say for example, you buy a pack of 10 PLR articles which costs you... depending on where you buy it... lets say $15. Now, what's the alternative?

Well, you could write the 10 articles yourself, in which case the cost will depend on how much you think your time is worth (to help you figure out a number, think of what else you could have done with that time).

Or, you could hire someone else to write the articles for you, in which case you could easily pay $15+ per article (depending on the quality and amount of research).

So, yes, PLR articles is a cheap way to get content, but the reason why it's so cheap, is also the biggest disadvantage of using PLR content.

The reason why buying PLR is so much cheaper than... hiring a ghost writer, is because you won't be the only one who bought that PLR product.

The greatest disadvantage of PLR content
You have the exact same product as a group of other people. So, just getting your hands on PLR content is not enough... it's only the first step. Once you have the PLR content, the next step is to change it.

The main disadvantage of PLR content is that it is not unique to you... the same product is sold to a group of people and each person gets the same private label rights terms as you do.

Which means if you plan on selling it, chances are others who also have that product, also plan on selling it. If you plan on using it as content for your blog, chances are, so are others.

But, there's a simple solution to this problem: change it. Use the PLR content as a foundation and transform it into something unique.

PLR content allows you to make changes to it... I would go so far as to say that if you want to get the most out of PLR content, you absolutely have to change it.

The wrong way to use PLR
The worst thing to could do, when using PLR content, is to not change it. How much value can you really get by not changing the PLR content?
  • SEO: If you use it as blog content, someone probably beat you to it, so probably not much SEO value
  • PROFIT: If you sell it, someone's probably selling it for as cheap as possible already. (How much money can you really make selling the same product as someone else, for $1? That pie is pretty small already)
  • BRAND: If a customer finds out that they could have bought the exact same product elsewhere, when they thought you created it, they might feel mislead and your brand or image might suffer.
Not changing PLR content is simply being lazy. By not changing it, you may think that it was a great shortcut that saved you time, but in the long run you'll realize that all you did was shoot yourself in the foot.

Making changes
When it comes to making changes to PLR content, there are 2 options:
  • The lazy option - changing a few words, changing the title or chapter names
  • The value added option -  add value to it or  transform it into something different
I'd recommend the second option. Changing the title or chapter names or even using synonyms here and there doesn't equal adding value. Doing this doesn't create a new product... it's practically the same as selling the original PLR product as is.

If you plan on using PLR content, don't just change it ... add value to it. That way, you can feel proud  of selling a product that you know is packed with value... not to mention your customers will appreciate the product a whole lot more.

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