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The Real Cost of Using PLR Articles

I've noticed that when some websites want to convince you that Private Label Rights (PLR) Articles is an affordable way to get content, they'll make comparisons to fees of ghost writers. But, is the price you pay to buy the PLR articles, really the only price to consider?

A little bit about PLR articles
Now, depending on where you buy PLR articles, the quality of the PLR articles and the license, the price per PLR article can vary quite a bit. However, regardless of how much they vary, they will always cost less than a ghost writer would charge you for the same quality of PLR articles.

If PLR articles weren't cheaper than ghost written articles, then there'd be no point in buying PLR articles. The reason why PLR articles are so cheap, is because multiple people buy the same set of PLR articles. This allows the creator of the PLR articles to sell the articles for a low price, because they make a profit by selling it to multiple people.

However, since multiple people have access to the same PLR articles, unlike ghost written articles, PLR articles are not unique to you. Which means that if you want to really benefit from those PLR articles that you purchased, you have to use PLR articles as a base to work from. Basically, you have to make significant changes to the articles or turn it into a completely new product.

The other cost to factor in
Since changing PLR articles is so essential to using PLR articles, you have to factor in the cost involved in changing those PLR articles. It doesn't matter whether you hire someone to make the changes or whether you do the changes yourself, there is a cost involved. If you do the changes yourself, then the cost involved is the value you place on your time or the value of what you lost out on, by spending time making changes instead of doing something else.

I think that once you add on the cost involved in making changes (even if it's a value that you had to derive yourself) and add it to the cost of buying the PLR articles, you have a much better idea of the cost of using those PLR articles.

The amount of changes you need to make
Exactly how much you change the PLR articles depends entirely on you. However, I'd say that the more people that have access to those same PLR articles as you, the more changes you'd have to make to make them unique. This is why if I choose to buy PLR articles, I'll buy PLR articles that is sold to a small number of people. The less people, the better.

Another factor to consider when making changes is quality. If you buy PLR articles that's lacking in quality, then you're going to have to spend more time improving the quality of the articles before you use them.

So, if you're going to buy PLR articles, find a PLR article provider that sells quality PLR articles and only a small amount of each PLR article pack. One PLR article provider that I tried, that I think fits in here perfectly, is Easyplr (please note that this is an affiliate link). From what I have seen, a single article pack is not sold to more than 150 people. Since the license prohibits you from passing on private label rights, you know that at most, only 149 other people will have access to the same PLR articles as you.

So why is the number of people who have the same PLR articles as you relevant to the cost? Well, the less people that have those articles, the less changes that need to be made. The more changes that need to be made, the more time it will take... and as I've said, there is a cost attached to your time.

The Cost to Consider
Okay, so how much is it really costing you, when you use PLR articles? I think the simple sum below gives a much better indication of the real cost of using PLR articles, than just looking at the price paid:

Cost of Using PLR articles = Price you paid for PLR articles + Cost of changing Articles* 

*amount of changes made may depended on: quality of articles, quality you want to achieve, number of people who have those PLR articles

Different Sources of Private Label Rights
I've decided to put them into 3 levels, depending on how much I think you'd need to change the PLR articles. Level 1 requires the least changing and Level 3 the most (Please note that all of the links in the categories below, are affiliate links).

Level 1: buying limited supply quality PLR articles 
these are articles that are often bought from websites that focus on providing PLR article packs and only sell a limited amount of each pack. Since these websites focus on providing PLR articles on an ongoing basis, the quality is generally expected to be high and consistent, because they want repeat business.

In my opinion, these are the best PLR articles that you can buy, since it has both quality and limited supply PLR articles.

Some examples of Level 1 Article Providers:

these articles will probably cost the most per article, but will require the least amount of changes. Plus, you only pay for the niche packs that you want.

Level 2: PLR Article Membership Sites
Like with Level 1 PLR article providers, these websites focus on providing PLR articles on a consistant basis and want repeat customers. This means that you should expect the quality of the articles within the membership site to be of a high quality. If it was not of a high quality, then why would you want to remain a member?

PLR articles from Membership sites are weaker than Level 1 PLR articles in 2 ways:

  1. The amount of people who have access to the same PLR articles is often higher than in Level 
  2. You don't get to decide which articles you get. 

However, with membership sites, you end up getting more articles for your money. So, the per article price will work out cheaper than Level 1 PLR articles, but because more people have access to the same PLR articles, you'd have to make more changes than Level 1 PLR articles.

Some examples of Level 2 Article Providers

  • Yummy PLR (provides Articles for the Food and Cooking niche)
  • PLR Me (focuses on content for the Self Help niche)
  • Simply PLR (membership includes additional benefits of spin-ready articles)

Level 3: Mega PLR article Packs
These mega PLR article packs are often a collection of PLR article packs which end up having 1000+ PLR articles. I've seen mega packs that even contain 100 000 PLR articles.

These packs may end up being from a range of sources, which means quality can vary greatly. I've seen many of these mega packs that either have a PLR license that allows the holder to pass private label rights on to others, or worse, the pack may not even have a license included.

Be careful when using PLR articles where the PLR article pack creator is not known. If you don't know who created the article pack, how do you know that they are genuine PLR articles?

Since holders can pass on private label rights, these packs are sold in multiple places or even given away for free. Out of the three levels, these articles are by far the cheapest. However, given that the private label rights can be passed, there is no limit to how many people could have those PLR articles.

With these types of articles, there is no way to know exactly how many people have access to the same mega set of PLR articles... but the number is sure to be huge. Which means, out of the 3 levels, these articles require the most changing.

So, here are the major issues to think about when using Level 3 PLR articles

  1. No limit to holders of those articles
  2. quality could vary greatly
  3. Are they genuine PLR articles or stolen copyrighted work?

So, out of the 3 levels, Level 3 PLR articles are by far the cheapest... you can even get them for free. However, Level 3 PLR articles require heavy changes.

Examples of Level 3 Articles

Wrapping Up
So, when you're deciding about whether to use PLR articles or not, look at more than just the price. Consider how much work you're prepared to put in to make changes and what level of quality you want to achieve as well.

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