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The Best Way to Buy Private Label Rights Products

What is the best way to buy Private Label Rights (PLR) products? Well, since multiple websites may end up selling the exact same PLR product, the best way to buy PLR products will always be the cheapest way.

edit: Okay, before I go any further, I need to clear something up. The PLR content I'm referring to here, is not Personal PLR Content. The PLR content I'm referring to here, is where the buyer is allowed to pass on PLR. In other words, buyers can become resellers.

If one website is selling a PLR eBook for $5 and another website sells the same PLR eBook for $1, then it makes sense to buy the eBook for $1. It's the exact same eBook and you are not getting any additional benefits, so why pay a higher price than you need to?

So, the best way to buy a PLR product will be the one that's the cheapest, but spotting which offer is the cheapest may not always be so easy to spot.

When the cheapest offer is not so clear
What if, in the earlier example, the website selling the PLR eBook for $1 was just selling the PLR eBook. But, the website selling the eBook for $5, included 2 related MRR eBooks and a pack of 10 PLR articles. Which offer is the cheapest?

When an offer just sells a PLR product on it's own, then the price you pay is how much it's costing you for that product. But, if an offer includes additional benefits, like bonus products, or if products are bundled together, then it's not so clear.

When products are bundled together or when bonuses are offered, you'd split the price of the offer across the products, to calculate how much you're paying for each product within the offer. The reason why you're trying to work out a price paid for each individual product, is so that you can compare it to other offers and find the cheapest offer available.

However, you'd only split the price of an offer across products and bonuses within the offer that you actually plan on using. If you don't plan on using a bonus featured in the offer, then you're not going to benefit from that bonus, so why attach a price to it?

Once you have an individual price for each product within the offer, you can then compare it to how much it would cost you to get those same products elsewhere.

The Cheapest Possible Price Per PLR product
A package of PLR products will often work out cheaper than buying all those PLR products individually.  So, before you decide to buy a PLR product individually, find out what packaged deals or product bundle offers are available that includes the specific product you're looking for. Buying a package of PLR products may end up saving you a lot, assuming you actually want the other products in the package.

Something that's even better than buying PLR packages are PLR memberships. When you join a PLR membership, you'll have access immediate to a massive collection (well, assuming you join an established PLR membership) of PLR and Resell Rights products, as well as new products that gets added each month.

PLR memberships
PLR memberships normally offer a range of PLR, MRR and Resell Rights products such as eBooks, articles, templates, video courses and audio books. The products within the membership also covers a wide range of niches. Since each member pays a monthly fee for each month that they remain a member, membership sites add new products each month, because they want you to stay a member for as long as possible.

So, by joining a membership, you're getting access to a collection of money-making digital products, at probably the cheapest price per unit as well as getting introduced to other possible profitable niches that you can branch into.

General PLR membership vs Specific PLR membership
There are 2 types of PLR membership sites that you could join, the general PLR membership and the specific PLR membership.

Okay, from this point onward, I'm going to be mentioning and linking to certain PLR memberships. The membership sites mentioned are ones that I feel fit right in for the point I'm trying to make. Also, assume that all the links are affiliate links; which means that if you join a membership site through one of the links, I'll earn a commission, but the price paid remains the same. 

The general PLR membership sites are those sites that does not create it's own PLR products, but instead adds products created by others. The PLR membership sites described under the PLR memberships section above, is referring to general PLR membership sites.

Since the products are created by others, it means that if one membership site is able to add it to it's collection, it's also possible for other memberships to add it to their collection as well. An example of a general PLR membership site is Resell Rights Weekly, which happens to be my favourite one by far and the only one that I really promote.

The specific PLR membership sites are those that either focus on a particular niche like which focuses on self improvement or a specific type of PLR product, like simplyPLR which provides PLR Articles. You pay even find a membership that focuses on a specific niche as well as product type, like YummyPLR who focus on providing Food and Recipes PLR articles.

Specific membership sites normally create their own PLR products. These membership sites will often attach a PLR license to their products that prevent them from being added to other membership sites or prevent the holder of the PLR product (i.e. someone who got it by being a member of the site) from passing of private label rights to others.

This means that if you want that specific PLR product that is available from a specific PLR membership site, you have to be a member of that specific site. You won't find that PLR product on any other membership site or PLR product marketplace, since private label rights could not be passed.

There would be little benefit if PLR products from a specific PLR membership site had a private label rights license that allowed private label rights to be passed on to others. If private label rights could be passed, eventually those PLR products would end up on general PLR memberships, in which case it would be better to be a member of the general PLR membership instead of the specific membership.

So, if you plan on joining a specific PLR membership, make sure that the PLR products provided have licenses that don't allow private label rights to be passed. If private label rights can be passed, then consider rather joining a general PLR membership site that adds those products.

Deciding on the Best PLR membership site to join
Whether it's a good idea to join one PLR membership site or multiple sites, depends on whether you're talking about a specific PLR membership site or a general PLR membership site.

If it's a specific PLR membership site, then whether you join that site or not, will depend on what value you will get by being a member, in relation to the price paid. Since the PLR products will be unique to that membership or may be niche specific, it may be difficult to find similar membership sites to compare it to, so compare the price charged to the value you will actually get by being a member.

If it's a general PLR membership site, then it makes sense to only join one general membership site, since the majority of the products within the membership, are not unique to that membership. So, when join a general membership site, find the best one for you and join that one.

Okay, from here on, when I talk about PLR membership, I'm referring to a general PLR membership, like Resell Rights Weekly

When deciding on which PLR membership to join, the amount of currently existing products within that membership may not be the most important factor to consider. The reason why I say this, is because what if a lot of the existing products are products that have been within the membership for a long amount of time. If this is the case then either those products have already been posted all over the internet and the competition over those products are too fierce, or those products are outdated.

Having products that has so much competition over it that it's not worth the effort to use, or having outdated products, will be pretty much useless to you. If a product is not going to be useful to you, then you might as well ignore it.

So instead of focusing on how many products currently exist within the membership, focus on the following:
  • the amount of new products that you'll get access to each month
  • additional benefits of being a member (i.e. what else are you getting, apart from access to PLR and MRR products)
  • the monthly fee
When looking at the monthly fee, compare it to the amount of new products added each month as well as any additional benefits you're getting by being a member.

The amount of new PLR and Master/Resell Rights products added each month is important because the amount of new products added has to justify the monthly fee. If the amount of products added each month didn't make the membership fee worth it, then members would simply cancel their subscription.

So, good membership sites tend to add a large number of new products each month, to make the membership really valuable to members. For example, if you upgrade from a free member to a paid member of Resell Rights Weekly, each month you'll get access to 82+ PLR/RR products. The paid membership (referred to as Gold Membership) fee of Resell Rights Weekly is $19.95 which means the unit price for each new product added each month is $0.24

After you looked at the amount of new products added each month, look at the additional benefits offered. Since a lot of the PLR membership sites will have a lot of PLR and MRR products in common, one way that they stand out from the competition is by offering other benefits, in addition to having access to PLR and MRR products.

For example, Resell Rights Weekly offers the following benefits in addition to the PLR and MRR products to all paid members:
  • 700+ PLR Articles
  • 31 Custom Niche Websites
  • Free Professional Hosting
  • Access to The Backlink Builder
  • Access to The Online Marketing University
  • Access to Profit Blueprints
Should you only look at the amount of new products, additional benefits and price... when deciding which membership site to join? Well, I'd say those are the main factors. However, if you only plan on being a member of a PLR membership site for one month, then you would place a lot of weighting on the amount of existing products in the membership.

Here's the logic: if you're a member for only 1 month, then the value you'd get out of that month would be the value of all the products that you have access to, including the existing products.

If however, you remain a member for another month, the only benefit that you'd get would be the amount of new products added and the additional monthly benefits offered by that site. Remember, you would have already downloaded all the older products from the membership in the first month.

Wrapping Up
Being a member of a PLR membership site is a great way to get PLR products at the cheapest price per PLR product. However, you have to think carefully about which PLR membership site to join, looking at how much value you're getting compared to how much you're paying.

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