Sunday, 17 June 2012

Download Over 10 000 Free PLR Articles with Words of Caution

For those who love to get their hands on PLR articles, you can now download 10 740 PLR articles without spending a cent. Awesome right? Well, maybe not as awesome as you think.

Downloading the Free PLR Articles
Okay, before I get into why I don't think downloading these mega PLR article packs is as great as you may think it is, here's how to download the 10 740 PLR articles:

Step 1: join  the free PLR and Resell Rights product membership, Resell Rights Weekly. Out of all the free PLR and Resell Rights memberships that I've tried, Resell Rights Weekly is my favourite. 

Just in case you're wondering, the link is an affiliate link. Membership is 100% free, but there is an option to upgrade, in which case if you upgrade and joined through my affiliate link, I'll earn a commission

Step 2: Log in to the membership site. You'll find the download link on the homepage (the welcome message). Scroll down the page until you see the sub-heading, "Your Bonuses"

It's as easy as that. Once you click on the download link, you'll start downloading 10 740 PLR articles.

Words of Caution
Okay, so now you have 10 740 PLR articles and you got it all for free... which is great... or is it? 

When it comes to using PLR articles in these mega packs, like the 1000, 10 000 or even 100 000 PLR article packs, I'm always a little hesitant. 

Here's why I'm hesitant to using these types of articles:
  • It's unclear where those PLR articles originated from. If you don't know who put together those PLR articles, can you really be sure that they are PLR articles? What if the articles were stolen from someone else's copyrighted work?
  • These huge packs often don't have a PLR license included, so you have no idea what you can and can't do with the PLR articles
  • Since you don't know who created the PLR articles and given the huge quantity of articles, how do you know the articles 
  • Since the article packs are so large, they most likely contain PLR articles from a wide range of PLR providers, which means the quality of the articles could vary greatly.  
  • There is no way of knowing how long those articles have been floating around the internet. Which means the information could be very outdated, in which case using them could be disastrous.
  • These article packs are often assumed to be unrestricted PLR articles, since they often don't have a license included, which means that a lot of people will be using the exact same articles as you.
  • Since they are assumed to be unrestricted, people pass on private label rights to those articles, on to others. The more people using the articles, the more changes you need to make to get any benefit from them. 
Given the amount of uncertainty around these article packs, I would suggest only using them as a foundation to work from. Rather make extensive changes and add value, so that you create something new. 

Finding Genuine PLR articles
How can I use or sell the PLR articles, if I don't even know if they are genuine PLR articles? For this reason, I prefer to buy PLR articles directly from those who create PLR articles. At least this way, I know what quality to expect and I can be sure that they are genuine PLR articles.

I also like to buy PLR articles from PLR content creators that limit the amount of packs that they sell and that restricts the buyer from passing on private label rights on to others. Why? Well, the less people that use the same set of PLR articles, the more benefit you can get out of those PLR articles. 

One PLR content provider that meets these criteria is EasyPLR (note, this is an affiliate link). I've tried EasyPLR and was satisfied with the quality. 

But, even though you're buying PLR that has a small amount of users, you should still only use the PLR articles as a foundation to work from. To get the most out of the articles, it's probably best to avoid using the PLR articles as web content, unless extensive changes were made.

Wrapping Up
Okay, I've said why using PLR articles from these PLR mega packs may not be all it's cracked up to be, but that doesn't mean that there is no value to using them. Still, if you'd like to download the 10 740 PLR article pack, you can do so at Resell Rights Weekly

Even though I've painted such a grim picture about these mega article packs, there could still be some value to using those articles. However, I still suggest avoid reselling them and if you use them, make sure to create something new from them. 

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